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A broad portfolio of Modems, Gateways & Router products from leading manufacturers in the industrial M2M & IoT world.

Our Products support a vast range of applications. Whether you are looking for very low power solutions, require high security, have a mission-critical application or need to connect to legacy devices in the field, we have communications solutions to offer.

M2M Connect products by functional type

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Cellular Modem Terminals with Serial, and USB interfaces typically require management by the host equipment. Devices with Ethernet interfaces simplify the latest applications. Using Java™ applications with access to on-board GPIOs complete M2M / IoT sensor systems can be built.

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Gateways provide a persistent always-available wireless connection for host devices that otherwise have no in-built capability to manage a traditional Modem. Very low power Gateways enable extended connectivity in off-grid battery and renewable energy powered systems.

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Cellular and Wireline Routers deliver dependable always-available internet communications for Machine to Machine applications. Single and dual radio versions are available with easy to configure VPN and security to support enterprise level and mission critical applications.

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Accessories and hardware products to support evaluation & deployment roll-outs. Additional application specific products and solutions from our franchised suppliers, suitable for Metering, Telemetry, Industrial Automation and M2M applications.

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