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Coherent Technologies

Coherent provide GSM Gateways and other specialist solutions for metering and telemetry applications.

Gateways provide an always-connectable, transparent link for connected devices to communicate with remote servers over the cellular (GSM) networks.


Coherent EC2G – Low Power Gateway

The Coherent EC2G v2 is a industrial Low PowerEC2G Mk II image Cellular Gateway with Serial interface in a compact housing. The device integrates all necessary functionality to automatically create outgoing and accept incoming IP and Circuit Switched Data connections.

With very low power consumption the EC2G is particularly suitable for battery and renewable energy powered applications.

Once configured the EC2G requires no intervention from a host device and operates autonomously as an intelligent GSM Gateway for connected equipment. Additional features can be configured to support legacy equipment and smooth the migration from using CSD to IP connectivity.

The EC2G is intended for high reliability remote monitoring applications, operating 24/7/ It is designed for operation over the industrial temperature range.

General Features
  • Dual-band 2G for UK and pan-EU deployment (900/1800 MHz)
  • Auto GPRS connection and CSD call open without AT-Commands
  • Power Supply Input voltage range: 5 to 24 V D.C.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to + 85 ″C
  • Single DB25 connector for combined Serial interface and D.C. power supply input
  • Separate D.C. power input socket
  • Optional Seral to USB interface + Power supply available for PC interface / programming
Software and other features
  • Low power consumption: Sleep Mode (On-line, idle with no communications) <3.0mA @ 12v supply
  • Multi-coloured LED indicates signal strength, and operational status
  • Highly configurable software interface for simplified & legacy system compatibility
  • Remote Telnet access via IP connection or CSD call.
  • Fully certified for UK and EU deployment.
DownloadsEC2G Customised in Black

Coherent EC2G Datasheet 1_2

EC2G Technical Manual V1_3

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Coherent Modem Interface Adapter

The Coherent USB Modem Interface adapter provides a simple and fast to use solution for interfacing EC2G Gateways to a PC.

The adapter connects to a USB port on the PC and supplies both power and Serial Communications to the EC2G (USB to Serial interface conversion). Only a suitable USB cable is required to connect the adapter to the PC USB port.

USB device drivers for may be required (FTDI) for the PC operating system. These are available from FTDI. Once the drivers are installed and the USB Modem Interface connected to the PC the drivers create a Virtual COM port in the PC OS which can be used for Terminal Emulators and other software.

Coherent Modbus Pulse Counter

The Coherent Modbus Pulse Counter is an innovative Modbus pulse counter imagedevice for metering applications where a record of pulse count data needs to be kept from multiple meters. The device has 8 pulse-count input channels which can be connected to meters over more than 250 meters of cable.

Pulses from the connected meters are counted, sorted into interval data and buffered in the internal flash memory for retrieval via the Modbus interface. In the event of a power failure an internal rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery continues to operate the device for up to 500 Hours, reading and storing pulses as configured so that no readings or data are lost.

The device is intended for high reliability applications, operating 24/7. Once configured the Modbus Pulse Counter operates autonomously recording pulse counts periodically ready for reading over the RS485 interface.

General Features
  • Data-logging of all input count values at configurable sampling rate with time-stamping
  • Internal battery back-up provides continuous logging during the event of a power failure
  • Large internal memory
  • Power Supply Input voltage: 12 V D.C.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30 to + 70 ″C
  • Power and Modbus communications: Two 4-pin 5.08mm plug in terminal block connectors on upper face
  • Power and comms interface can easily be 'daisy-chained' to extend number of supported meters
  • One 12-pin 5.08mm plug in terminal block for 8 pulse inputs and 4 x 0 Volt connections
Other features
  • Easy to configure via Modbus interface
  • Flexible Modbus address and data-rate, supports reprogramming over Modbus interface
  • Enclosure: 4-Module wide M36-DIN standard case. 70 (W) x 66 (D) x 110 (H) mm
  • CE certified ready for deployment in UK and EU

Coherent Modbus Pulsecounter Datasheet v1_0

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