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Thales Modem-Terminal Kits

A convenient and cost-effective solution for evaluating Thales Modem-Terminals or for deployment fullfilment. Create a kit with the specific accessories required and quickly get a quote, or chose from our popular ‘Starter kits’ at the base of this page.

For a customised kit, select the parts required from each section below starting with the Modem-Terminal.


  Modem-Terminal  NetworksRegionInterfaces
EGX81-RS232LTE-Cat.M, NB-IoT, 2G GPRSGlobalRS232
EGX81-RS485LTE-Cat.M, NB-IoT, 2G GPRSGlobalRS485
EHS6T-USB3G, 2GGlobalUSB + RS232
EHS6T-LAN3G, 2GGlobalLAN + RS232
ELS61T-E2-LAN-R24G Cat-1, 3G, 2GEU+LAN + RS232
PLS62T-W-USB4G Cat-1, 3G, 2GGlobalUSB + RS232
PLS62T-W-LAN4G Cat-1, 3G, 2GGlobalLAN + RS232

Power Supplies

All Thales Modem-Terminals have a 6-pole ‘Western Jack’ connector for power input (often referred to as an RJ12 connector). Two pins are also used for the IGN (auto-on) and Reset Inputs. Our 12 Volt D.C PSU’s are wired to auto-start Modem-Terminals at power-up. The DC Power Cable is suitable for 8V – 30V D.C. supplies. Refer too device Hardware Guides for further information.  

Power Input Background

UK 3-Pin Plug-in Mains PSU

In-line Mains PSU (wired-in)

DC Power Cable


4G Devices require two antennas, 3G & 2G require one antenna. The 2G/3G stubby and 4G Blade are designed for directly mounting onto Modems in desk-top or lab evaluation situations. Other types are optimised for specific applications and for those where the Modem will be deployed inside a seperate housing. Note that a mag-mount should be mounted on a horizontal & flat metal surface for succesful operation.

Antenna Inputs Background

2G/3G Direct Mount

4G/3G/2G Blade

2G/3G Mag-Mount

2G/3G/4G Mag-Mount

2G/3G Wall / Window

2G/3G Body Mount

2G/3G/4G external wall/pole

Data Cables & GPIO Connectors

Add a data cable to complete the kit and Weidmuller 8 & 12-way GPIO connectors if required. For productions requirements custom cables can be made to meet specific requirements.

Data & GPIO interfaces

Serial Data Cable (M-F)

GPIO Connector pair (8+12 way)

USB Data Cable (A-B)

Popular Starter Kits

Kit Type:


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EGX81 – RS232 


UK Mains PSU, 2G/3G Mag-mount Antenna & Serial Data Cable


3G RS232 Serial


UK Mains PSU, 2G/3G Mag-mount Antenna & Serial Data Cable


4G/LTE RS232 Serial


UK Mains PSU, 2xBlade Antennas & Serial Data Cable