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Robustel Starter Kits

A convenient and cost-effective solution for evaluating Robustel Routers or for volume deployment requirements. To get a pricing quote select a device and specific accessories required or chose one of popular Starter Kits at the end of this page.

For a customised kit, select the parts required in the right-hand side from, based on one of the following Robustel Routers.

Routers & Gateways

Device Interfaces Networks Notes
M1200-4L RS232 + RS485 + GPIO 4G, 3G, 2G Single Antenna Connector
R2000-3P 2 x Ethernet 3G, 2G
R2000-4L 2 x Ethernet 4G, 3G, 2G
R2000-4L+Wi-Fi 2 x Ethernet + Wi-Fi 4G, 3G, 2G
R3000-Lite-3P Ethernet + RS232+485 3G, 2G
R3000-Lite-4L Ethernet + RS232+485 4G, 3G, 2G
R3000-LoRa-4L     2xEth + RS232 +    2x Digital In 4G, 3G, 2G Includes LoRa & GPS Antennas

Power Supply

Robustel Routers and Gateways use several types of DC Power input connector. A matching DC Power Plug is always provided with every device. See individual datasheets for the input voltage range. A 12-Volt D.C PSU with UK Mains Plug is available as part of the starter kit if required. PSUs are available with mains plugs for other regions if required.  

Imgae showing power supply options for Robustel Router Kits


Robustel devices have two antenna connectors for Main and Diversity or Auxiliary antennas. The 4G Blade antennas are designed for directl mounting onto the Routers for desk-top or lab evaluation situations. Other types are optimised for specific mounting applications and for where the Router will be deployed inside a seperate housing. Note that mag-mount types are designed to be mounted on a flat horizontal metal surface (ground plane) for succesful operation.

Imgae showing all antenna types options available for Robustel Router Kits

Connectivity & Mounting

Add a data cable to complete the kit and Weidmuller 8 & 12-way GPIO connectors if required. For productions requirements custom cables can be made to meet specific requirements.

Imgae showing optional interface and mounting accessories for Robustel Router Starter Kits
Image of starter kit for R2000-4L 4G Router with Wi-Fi including all accessories

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Device Monitoring Service - RCMS

All kits include support for evaluating and using the Robustel Cloud Manager Service (RCMS).


RCMS is a free-to-use cloud-based platform which gathers and present the status and performance info for your fleet of Gateways and Routers, both latest real-time and historical information available.


Additionally RCMS provides device control, management and updating functionality as an optional-per-device paid-for service. As such it supports rapid device on-boarding, deployment and extensive management using the most intuitive user interface.


Click here for the RCMS Brochure or see the section in the Robustel Products Page

Image of PC and RCMS Screenshots

Popular Starter Kits

Kit Type:


Similar too:

Guide Price:



UK Mains PSU, 4G(&3G) Blade Antennas x 2, Wall Mount Bracket & Ethernet Cable. RCMS



R2000-4G + Wi-Fi


UK Mains PSU, 2 x 4G Blade + 2 x WiFi Antennas, Wall Bracket & Ethernet Cable. RCMS





UK Mains PSU, 2xBlade Antennas Ethernet & Serial Data Cables +  Wall Bracket.     RCMS


R3000-LoRa Kit

Alt Text Image


UK Mains PSU, 2x4G Blade, LoRa & GPS Antennas, Ethernet Cable + Wall Bracket. RCMS


M1200 4G 


UK Mains PSU, Blade Antenna & Wall Bracket. RCMS