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RobustOS is Robustel’s proprietary device Operating System built from the ground up around a Linux Kernel with lightweight firmware and application delivery across the complete Robustel product range.

Central to router operation is a link management system which ensures stable and persistent connectivity for the device and connected equipment. The Link Manager is the culmination of many years development, real-world testing and ongoing refinement to support constantly evolving networks globally. 

RobustOS allows users to increase functionality through lightweight ‘apps’ while leaving the OS untouched. Customers can create their own apps for RobustOS devices using an SDK and they can be transferred between device models and families with minimal changes. 


The Robustel Operating System is now included in all Robustel Routers and Gateways. It offers a simple, clean and easy to use interface for configuration and remote management of devices.

RobustOS Features

  • Unified, clearly laid-out and simple to use GUI for device management accross all devices
  • Link Manager to easily define priority of Cellular WANs (SIMs), WAN & WiFi connections, back-up mode, swtiching & retry policy.
  • Device remote management over multiple, secure solutions and RCMS client app for fleet management .
  • Multiple VPN solutions support
  • Event Manager for device & connectivity monitoring & user notifications
  • Extendable functionality via custom & ready-made apps 

Remote Management

Rebust OS was built with support for multiple device management capabilities at it’s core.

In addition to direct LAN access for device management all Robustel Routers with RobustOS support monitoring and management via http(s) Web GUI (local & OTA), SSH CLI, SMS, SNMP & RCMS Cloud Service.

RCMS is a service seperately hosted by Robustel on MS Azure cloud platform or by customers using there own server. RCMS provides ‘fleet’ monitoring, management and updates to configuration, apps & firmware.

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Events, SMS & Email

With Routers being central to M2M communications, understanding what is happening with devices in real time allows managers to address any connectivity issues as soon as or before they affect business operations.

RobustOS can provide instantaneous notification of selected Events via email or SMS to multiple recipients. Robust-OS users stipulate any one of a number of events to generate a message which can also be sent & logged in RCMS for review. 

When away from a computer, SMSs can be also used to check device status, initiate a reboot or configure any parameter. If a network connectivity issue is a suspected cause of disruption, SMS may be the only means of restoring connectivity. The ‘Smart-Reboot’ app for Roaming SIMs can also play a vital role.


With Apps for Robust-OS, device funcionality can easily be extended. A range of apps are available from Robustel ready for installation, including:

  • Data Guard (Monthly Data Limit with tiered notifications)
  • Smart Roaming (Smart Reboot for Roaming SIM users)
  • Captive Portal (Managed Landing page for Wi-Fi)
  • Guest Access Point (Wi-Fi)
  • DDNS & additional VPN protocols
  • ThingWorx & Cumulocity IoT Connectors
  • Sniffer (network analysis tool used with Wireshark)
  • Node-Red
  • more to follow

To further cusomise devices, users can also create their own apps for Robust-OS with an SDK in C, Python or Java.


With the SDK for app development users can create custom functions for Robust-OS which manage device operation, connected devices and perform data-processing.

Apps have access to ports, data & GPIO so can perform operations not otherwise featured in of-the-shelf products.

For generic applications, programmers can create a web-page within the routers’ GUI allowing users to change configuration and see running status. No web programming languages are necessary, the SDK provides an easy way to integrate your application, just a simple file in a pre-defined (XML) format will generate the custom app’s web page automatically with the same style and clarity of Robust-OS pages.

SDKs are available for all R2000 & R3000 family (including MEG5000) Routers.